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SmartAssist – Customer Services

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Virtual Assistant Jersey and Guernsey

SmartOffice has a team of Customer Services agents available to help our clients who wish to outsource their Customer Services function or require additional resources from time-to-time to help to cover staff leave or deal with short term spikes in workloads.

These services are provided on a flexible Pay-As-You-Go pricing model and are available on-demand to meet clients’ requirements.

Customer Services

There are a range of tasks that our Customer Services agents can undertake via our SmartAssist service.

These include:

    • Service Desk and Help Desk Logging
    • First-Line Response
    • Order Processing and Tracking
    • Customer Surveys
    • Event Invite Management

Are you an IT firm and have in-house staff answering and logging support calls? We can help you save money and become more efficient by outsourcing this to our SmartAssistance service. Your staff can then spend more time on chargeable work.

Do you have a spike in calls to your Customer Services department? We can help by filling in for those periods where your business is very busy and needs short term help.

Would you like to reduce your Customer Services fixed costs and only pay for what you use? Please contact us to find out more.

If there are any Customer Services solutions that are not listed above that would be of interest, please contact us to discuss these.